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Alliance 550 MultiUse Radial Tractor Tires
for Construction, Industrial, Agricultural, Municipal and Forestry Applications

photo of the Alliance 550 MultiUse tractor tire- full view

Alliance 550 MULTIUSE R-4 Tractor Tire

The Alliance 550 MultiUse Tractor Tire is an R-4 advanced radial steel belted industrial tire engineered with a unique tread design and offers great performance on many types of surfaces and conditions. It can be used on a number of construction and industrial machines; backhoe loaders, industrial tractors, compact construction machines, municipality tractors, specialized farm equipment, forestry machines, and a wide range of other machines and applications.

Multiple Surface and Terrain use:

  • Hard surfaces, asphalt and concrete
  • Sandy soils
  • Industrial yards
  • Building sites
  • Snow and Ice
  • Agricultural fields

550 MultiUse Features:

  • Excellent grip on hard surfaces
  • Block type pattern provides exceptional traction on snow, ice and sand covered terrains
  • Directional tread pattern provides good self-cleaning in soft soil
  • High rubber-to-void ratio results in a large footprint and enables longer tread life
  • Reinforced sidewall provides stability on slopes
  • Cut resistant compound ensures less wear on hard surfaces
  • Steel belts provide good puncture resistance


The Alliance 550 MultiUse in Action


Agricultural Applications

550 MULTIUSE is particularly designed for agricultural applications because of its versatile Block tread design. The tread pattern was designed to perform on snow-covered terrain as well as in sandy environments. The directional lug design, divided by separated blocks, provides a good grip on soft surfaces. The high number of blocks and rubber to void tread ratio, enables long tread wear life and low rolling resistances during transport operation on hard surfaces. Uniform ground pressure distribution and tread wear are provided by steel belted carcass structure. In addition, steel belts provide the most efficient puncture protection.

Download the Alliance 550 MultiUse Brochure

Alliance MultiUse 550 Tractor Tire Brochure

Alliance 550 Multiuse Brochure

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The Alliance MultiUse 550 is currently available in the following sizes:

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