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Farm and Tractor Tire Tips from Alliance Tire

Alliance Tire recently launched a video blog series “ATA Tireside Chat” on Youtube and Facebook offering quick tips on tire selection, operation and maintenance for farm tires. Alliance representatives explain the series is an informal, friendly way to provide machinery owners and operators with helpful tips and knowledge to help them get the best performance out of their tires and equipment. Each video is 1-3 minutes long with easy to understand, practical “tire science.”

First Series Released for Farm Tires

The first series of 5 videos are tips specifically for farm tires. They cover a range of topics, including ballasting tires to using a tape measure to determine if a tire is properly inflated. Other topics covered in the series discuss managing tires to reduce soil compaction, how to determine the age of a tire from sidewall markings, and the differences between IF, VF and radial tires.


Proper Tire Inflation for Farm Machinery



How to Minimize Soil Compaction from Farm Tires



The Right Way to Ballast your Tires



Comparing IV, VF Versus Radial Tires for Carrying Heavy Loads



How to Tell How Old Your Farm and Tractor Tires are



Alliance Farm Tires from Ken Jones

Ken Jones Tires is proud to offer the Alliance Brand to our customers. We carry a great selection of tractor and implement tires including:


For any questions you have concerning tires for all of your equipment, it is always best to consult with a farm tire expert. The specialty tire experts at Ken Jones Tires are always just a phone call, live chat or email click away!


Specialty Tire Experts at Ken Jones Tires