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Double Ring Tire Chains- This Week’s Chain Style Spotlight!

Winter has officially arrived today! While many parts of the US have been experiencing snow, ice and harsh temperatures for some time, the official season has begun. We get many customer questions about which style chain to use on their equipment. Each week, we are highlighting a different type of chain style and the types of equipment that these chains are usually available for. Keep in mind- once the snow and ice comes, inventory and selection will start to dwindle, so order as early in the season as possible to get the best selection of options. There are many different factors to consider when choosing the right style chain for your tire tread and also your application and equipment. Another very popular chain style is the Double Ring.

Double Ring Tire Chains are ideal for use in mud and snow. They also perform well when working in loose or soft soil. They are most commonly used on tractors and backhoes.

Features of Double Ring Chains

  • The chains form a ladder pattern and 2” diameter rings prevent the cross chains from sliding between the tire lugs.
  • Overlapping cross chain rings are large enough to prevent the chain from falling in between the tire’s tread lugs
  • Built with case hardened double welded rings that rotate and move freely, providing outstanding self-cleaning action and extra wear.
  • Individual rings are 2 1/2 inches tall and 5/16″ thick. Two rings are stacked and then connected to two more stacked rings – this pattern continues throughout the length of the chain.

Watch the video below for more information

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