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How to Choose the Right Skid Steer Tires

Skid steer tires are built to be application specific. What this means is that manufacturers develop skid steer tread designs that are based on surface use and job application. Skidsteer loaders have become one the most widely used pieces of equipment in construction, demolition, excavation,farming, recycling and landscaping industries.  The demands on these machines has increased considerably and manufacturers have developed various designs to meet your needs and expectations.

Why is it Important to Select Skid Steer Tires Based on the Application?

Choosing tires that were designed for use on the surface (s) you will operate your machine on as well as the severity of the applications and work environments will improve machine performance and reduce cost per hour.

What Category Fits My Application?

Skid steer tires are broken down in to four basic categories:

  • Hard Surface:

    are designed for exceptional wear in hard surface applications such as concrete and pavement.

  • Severe Service:

    are designed with a super deep tread with cut and chunk resistant tread compounds.This tire performs well in extreme job sites such as rock, gravel, demolition, scrap yards and glass plants.

  • Heavy Duty:

    are premium tires that are constructed with a rim guard and extra thick sidewall bar to help protect against rim damage and sidewall punctures. Combining higher ply ratings, traction, long life and quality, these tires are ideal for applications such as general construction, skid loader rentals, snow removal, landscaping and farming.

  • Standard Duty:

    skid loader tires are more economically priced and are used for light landscaping duties and other mild service applications.

What Brand of Equipment are you using them on?

Equipment manufacturers choose various tire brands that come OEM (original manufacturers equipment) on their machines. Different brands may have varying dimensions, especially when it comes to width. Also, most skid steer loaders come with R-4 tires, which have an aggressive directional lug pattern designed for use on dirt. R4’s provide excellent traction in dirt and mud- the most common environment for these machines. For operators using their skid steers on turf, such as landscapers and grounds maintenance crews,this aggressive tread design will chew up and damage grass and other delicate surfaces. R-4’s will tend to wear prematurely when used on hard surfaces, such as pavement, so operators in those environments also need to consider this before buying.

Low Sidewall Tire Options (LSW) for Skid Steer Loaders

Titan Tires offers low sidewall options (LSW) for skid steers in 2 tire sizes. LSW offers a larger rim diameter and smaller sidewall than standard tires. The lower profile and increased wheel size of the LSW design improves stability and provides a smoother ride by reducing bouncing and recoil associated with the larger sidewalls with standard tires. OEM LSW tires have special rims that ONLY FIT these low profile tires.

LSW Design Benefits:

  • increased bucket loads due to less equipment swaying
  • smoother ride; less bumping
  • increased stability on curves and hillside conditions
  • improved handling

photo of the Titan Grizz LSW skid steer tire

As of the date of this publication, Titan offers 2 skid steer tire sizes in it’s Titan Grizz. The Grizz features deep lugs, a heavy sidewall and a large rim guard for excellent durability.
Available in 10-19.5 and 12-19.5 skid steer sizes are an alternative to standard 10-16.5 and 12-16.5 sizes.
265×521 (replaces 10×16.5)
305×546 (replaces 12×16.5)

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