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Updates and Guide to Buying Compact Tractor Tires

Compact tractor tires are most often R-4 (Industrial tractor) tires as they are the most common original equipment tires for compact tractors. Options for replacing these tires have generally fallen under 3 types of tires; turf tires (R-3), agricultural tires (R-1)or with R-4 Industrial tractor tires(often backhoe or skid steer tires). These machines are very versatile and are used I’m many different applications, but the tires that generally come on the tractors do not always offer enough traction for some applications. If you use the R-1 ag tires, you get the traction needed but will get an increase in vibration on hard surfaces. This caused many compact tractor owners to swap out tires for different applications or use on different surfaces.
photo of the Goodyear R14T tire for compact tractors


The R14T combines the traction and cleaning features of an R-1 agricultural tire with the wear and ride features of an R-4 industrial tire, giving the new tire its name. From hard concrete surfaces to softer soils, the R14T is designed to perform in a variety of conditions- meaning you no longer need to choose between tread styles or change out tires for different applications.

Goodyear R14T Features & Benefits:

  • Brings the benefits of Low Sidewall Technology® (LSW®) to compact tractors for the first time
  • Available in LSW and conventional sizes, including LSW340/70R28, LSW460/75R38, 340/85R24 and 460/85R34

    Titan Tires adds 14 sizes to its Goodyear R14T Crossover Line

    Due to demand from machine operators and equipment manufacturers, Titan International Inc. has added 14 sizes to its Goodyear R14T crossover tire line for compact tractors.

    The new compact tractor tire sizes include:

    • 23×8.50-12NHS
    • 12-16.5NHS
    • 27×8.50-15NHS
    • 15-19.5NHS
    • 18×8.50-10NHS
    • 26×12.00-12NHS
    • 320/85R24
    • 380/85R24
    • 460/85R30
    • 460/85R38
    • LSW320/70R28
    • LSW380/70R28
    • LSW460/75R34
    • LSW460/75R42

    The new options are in addition to the sizes that debuted last year: LSW340/70R28, LSW460/75R38, 340/85R24 and 460/85R34.

    Kubota Tractors and Titan Tires have recently teamed up

    Titan has recently teamed up with Kubota Tractors to offer the Goodyear R14T crossover tire on it’s BX-Series and B-Series tractors. Kubota models included in the agreement will still offer many of the same R-1, R-3 and R-4 tires as options.

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