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Comparing Lawn Mower Tires- Same size tire may have different measurements

The major manufacturers of lawn mower tires, garden tractor and turf tires are Carlisle, Titan, Firestone, Goodyear, Kenda, Deestone, BKT and OTR Wheel Engineering.

There is also a long list of private brand tires. These are generally made for marketing companies that go to a tire manufacturer and ask them to make lawn mower tires under their own brand/label and often times some times to unique specifications. Some mower equipment manufacturers such as Toro will do the same. So many players in this tire niche causes a lot of confusion in the aftermarket for replacing tires on lawn & garden equipment.

Mower Tire Sizes: Is one tire size the same from brand to brand?

One would think that a tire with the same size marked on the sidewall would have the same physical size measurements for height and width. A popular size such as a 16x650x8 should be 16″ tall and 6.5″ wide. The last number in the size is the rim diameter. You should be able to replace a 16x650x8 Carlisle with a 16x650x8 Kenda, right? But the answer is maybe not.

If you put the same size tire from two brands side by side, one of them could be taller and or wider.

Why is this? Well, there is no easy answer to this very good question.The different proportions between brands can lead to imbalance, over steering, premature wear and even premature tire failure.

If you match the tire brand (not model) will this eliminate the problem?

Not necessarily. A brand such as Carlisle makes a 16x650x8 in 4 or 5 different turf tread designs, and if you put all these tires side by side you would think they would be be the same size- But All of them may have slightly different heights and widths.


This is Why it is Important to Buy Mower Tires from an Expert

Even tire dealers and equipment dealers run into this problem daily. Their customer is in a rush, needs a tire right now and usually doesn’t have all the necessary information to ask for the same tire make and model. The dealer calls us with the tire size needed, but when we ask for more information they don’t always have it. The tire gets delivered and mounted and it’s not the same as the tire on the other side of the machine.

That is why at Ken Jones, we try and make sure we get all the correct information when helping a customer make a purchase. Whether they are an experienced tire dealer or a homeowner trying to replace a lawn tractor tire, we offer expert advice for all specialty tires by phone, live chat, or email. By stocking a huge selection of original equipment mower tire brands and sizes, even hard to find sizes, we are usually able to get you exactly what you need.

What Information You Need to Know Before you Buy Lawn Mower Tires

  1. Tire brand name
  2. Tire model name
  3. Tire size
  4. Tire ply rating

All of this information can be found on the tire’s sidewall.


photo of the tire size on the sidewall of a mower tire

*Providing the equipment brand and type helps as well…

That’s why it’s important to have a knowledgeable supplier on your side.
Having a tire expert a phone call away can keep the headaches away!


Specialty Tire Experts at Ken Jones Tires