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Buying specialty or odd size tires can be time consuming and frustrating. We’ve tried to make your search easier by answering some frequently asked questions.

Don’t all tire stores and equipment companies stock the tires I need for my equipment?

No. It’s virtually impossible, because the tires you need may not be popular, fast moving, or easy to stock for tire or equipment dealers. Retail tire stores are selling auto and light truck tires and equipment dealers are selling equipment. That’s their primary focus. Specialty tires can be a nuisance’lack of product knowledge, limited inventory, unreliable sources are a few of the problems they encounter.

Can I just give you the make and model of my equipment/vehicle in order for you to know the tire it needs?

No. Unlike the auto and light truck industry where you can look up the year, make and model for the correct tire fitment, there is no complete source for equipment requiring specialty tires. There are literally thousands of tire sizes with different tread designs, ply ratings, rubber compounds etc’

How do I know which tire I need?

The easiest way to buy a replacement tire for your equipment is to replace it with the same one if available. Just look at the tire and write down the necessary information which is printed on the sidewall of every tire.

Sample: Popular riding lawnmower tire:

    Tire Size:       15X600X6 (approx: Height 15″, Width 6″, Rim Diameter 6″ )

    Ply Rating:     2 Ply (Ply or Load Range = weight carrying capacity of tire)

    Brand:            Carlisle

    Model:            Turfsaver (The right tread design for the job)

Why can’t I just give you the size and you sell me whatever brand (domestic or imported) that you have in stock or can find for me?

We wish it were that easy! Unfortunately, different original equipment brands with the same size marked on the sidewall are not the exact size. If you put a Carlisle tire next to a Titan or a Goodyear, all three will most likely have varying heights and widths, even though its supposed to be the same size. The problem is more apparent when you compare an Original Equipment major brand with a tire made in another country, or a private label tire made for a Mass Merchandiser.

What will happen if I only buy one tire and it doesn’t match the height of the other tire on the same axle of my equipment?

Many problems, ranging from uneven grass cutting and pulling in one direction with a riding mower, to serious safety issues with tires such as high speed tires on boat trailers. You should replace both tires on the same axle if you can’t match the damaged tire.

“Ply Rating” or “Load Range” ‘ Why is this important?

This information is critical. If the replacement tire you use has a lower ply rating or load range, it will not perform properly and could fail because it is unable to carry load of your equipment.

Recommended maximum air pressure on my boat trailer 480×8 tire is 30PSI. What does this mean and is it important?

It is very important. It means that in order to carry to maximum load of the boat and trailer, 30 Pounds per Square Inch air pressure is the most you can use in your 480×8 tire. If you use more or less air pressure the tire will underperform, and in some cases fail.

For more in depth tire information, a valuable source is Goodyear’s Product Handbooks. They can be accessed at Good Year Tire. You’ll find information on everything from load and inflation tables to service and maintenance tips.

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