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Options for Flat Free Tires

Flat Free Tires, Custom Flat-proofing & Flat Proof Products

A flat tire can really mess up your day- or longer! Downtime from failed tires can be very costly- when your machine isn’t running it can wreak havoc on budgets, production and more…

We are always searching for the best products available for our customers- whether it be to help them make the tires they already have flat proof or offering a wide selection of flat free tires for all of their equipment.

Flat Free Tires for Mowers, Hand Trucks, Wheelbarrows & More

It makes sense to use flat-proof tires on your equipment whenever possible.  The downtime expense and repair cost of just one flat tire can pay for the flat-proof replacement, especially small mower deck tires.  How many flat tires and slow leaks do you have per year?
Many flat-free tire/wheel assemblies are available “off the shelf”…ready to bolt on and go. Other sizes can be custom flat-proofed / foam filled at an authorized dealer.

They are available for:

Custom Flat Proofing

Most tires can be made flat free by removing the air and replacing it with foam fill. At ken Jones we use the softest fill on the market- made of 100% virgin fill(no fillers like some of our competitors)called EcoFlex SoftFill. This product works great on small to large tires and rides like air.All flat proofing is done out of our Worcester MA Facility.

Flat Free Products

There are also a number of flat free products available- usually used for small repairs.

Flat Free Tire Tubes

These tubes are tubes are pre filled with a flat free tire sealant.

Flat Free Tire Sealant

It quickly coats the inner surface of your tire to prevent or repair a flat tire. Please note this product should only be used on OFF ROAD/LOW SPEED Tires such as Wheelbarrow, Hand Truck & ATV tires.

Specialty Tire Experts at Ken Jones Tires