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Flotation Tire Facts

What are Flotation Tires?

Flotation tires are a category of tires that are wider and are designed to leave a larger “footprint.” The bigger the tires footprint, the less pressure on the ground- that is where the “float” in flotation comes from. They provide supplemental traction and stability on soft surfaces such as sand and agricultural fields with less soil compaction and less turf disturbance.

Why use flotation tires?

Generally flotation tires are used to reduce soil compaction for agricultural applications and are also used on golf courses or other sensitive turf applications where minimal turf disturbance is required. They are also designed to work well in sandy, softer soils.

Flotation tread designs are engineered to make it easier to maneuver heavy farm equipment in the field while maintaining traction on loose ground. Soil compaction is a major contributing factor to yield loss. Tires that minimize compaction with more ground contact can help alleviate this issue. With the weight evenly distributed across an expanded footprint, flotation tires can carry the same load at lower air pressures, making them ideal for big equipment. Some great new flotation technology was on display at the recent Farm progress Show.

Mitas Flotation Video

[HF] Designations for Tires

Many manufacturers offer HF designated tread designs, or High Flotation. Generally we see flotation designs in rib implement tires or lug implement tires. Flotation tractor tires are designed for tractors that are used in sandy areas, agricultural fields, airports, golf courses, cemeteries and highway maintenance. These tires require maximum flotation and minimum turf disturbance for turf and other sensitive areas.



photo of the Carlisle Flotation Rib HF-1 Implement TireCarlisle Flotation Rib HF-1

Carlisle Farm Specialist HF-1 Implement Tires are designed to provide flotation. Used on wagons, balers, harvest equipment, tankers, seeders and other applications when flotation is a requirement. Features a wider foot print for optimal flotation.


photo of the Titan Hi Flotation I-1 Implement TireTitan Hi-Flotation Wagon Implement I-1

Titan Hi-Flotation Wagon I-1 Tires feature a rib implement tread design. Wide ribs offer good ground contact and excellent wear. Straight ahead directional control is maximized with a series of straight circumferential grooves and ribs. Are OEM (original manufacturers equipment) on many popular machines.


photo of the Titan Flo Trac Rib HF-1 implement tireTitan Flo-Trac Rib HF-1

The Titan Flo-Trac Rib HF-1 Implement Tire is noted for its maximum flotation. Features wide tread design, large footprint, deep grooves and low section height design.




photo of the Titan Flo Trac Lug HF-3 implement tireTitan Flo-Trac Lug HF-3

Titan Flo-Trac Lug HF-3 Flotation Tires are designed for maximum flotation and durability. The tire features a low section height for improved handling and roadability. The open curved lug design allows for maximum self-cleaning and side hill slip resistance.


photo of the Goodyear Xtra Trac HF-2 Implement tireGoodyear Xtra Trac HF-2

Goodyear Xtra Trac HF-2 Implement Tires are designed for excellent traction.


Tires versus Tracks

Many have heard this debate, however with the new tire technology available it has become clear that tires are a much less costly choice over tracks.


Tests have shown new LSW technology is equal to tracks when it comes to traction and slippage.


With the right LSW configuration, ground-bearing pressure is equal to a track machine, reducing soil compaction.


The shorter sidewall dampens bumps in the road, resulting in less bouncing, quicker recovery time and reduced road lope. The shorter sidewall also means less sidewall recoil, more stability and reduced power hop.


Track units have a higher initial purchase price and are costlier to maintain.They are also not able to travel as fast on roads and hard surfaces. Overall tires offer a 30% savings in fuel costs!


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