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front tractor tires on a tractor

Front Tractor Tires

3 Rib F-2 and 4 Rib F-2M Front Tractor Tires for 2WD Tractors

Front Tractor Tires, or Rib Tractor Tires are farm tires designed for the front of two-wheel drive tractors. This style of tread is characterized by up to four separate and distinct high ribs running in the same direction as the tire rotation. They provide excellent steering control in loose soil and offer exceptional resistance to side slip
Farm tires are a unique segment in the tire industry, and agricultural tires are our specialty! Choosing the right farm tires is particularly important in this niche. Proper sizing, tread design, and load capacity considerations can make the difference to your bottom line. We know the equipment, we understand your applications, and that makes us the best source when you are searching for replacement tires for all of your equipment such as tractors, implements, wagons and manure spreaders.

Tread Styles for Front Tractor

Single Rib:

This tire is classified as an F1 or F-1 tread design. This style is completely smooth on both outer edges with one prominent heavy rib in the center. The single rib tire provides easy, sure footed steering in soft soil such as rice fields and other soggy areas.

Three Rib:

3 Rib Front Tractor Tires are commonly referred to as F2 or F-2. Easily identified by the wide high center rib and two pronounced outside ribs on both shoulders. The high center rib is designed to prevent lateral slid-slippage while the outside ribs offer stability. This tread style penetrates deep into the soil in order to provide maximum steering control. By far the most popular tread design for front tires on two-wheel drive tractors.

Four Rib:

4 Rib Front Tractor tires fall into a tire tread category known as an F2M or F-2M. The tread design is characterized by four equally spaced high ribs. Usage is intended for handling heavy loads on hard packed surfaces as well as providing excellent steering in the field. Four Rib Tires offer exceptional load distribution and flotation.

photo of the 7.50x16 08 Armour 3 Rib Front Tractor F-2 Tires

F-2 or 3 Rib

Carlisle Farm Specialist F-2M

F2-M or 4 Rib

11Lx14 08 Carlisle Wagon Implement I-1 (tube type) Tires

I-1 or Implement Used for Front Tractor

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