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photo of a farm implement with implement tires

Implement Tires

Rib Implement I-1, Traction Implement I-3 and Implement Tractor Tires

Implement Tires, also called flotation, wagon or rib implement, are farm tires manufactured in both rib style and traction style. These tires are designed with a wide footprint, have a larger air volume and operate at a low inflation pressure. The net result is a tire that resists sinking into the soil providing a flotation effect which reduces rutting and minimizes soil compaction.

For todays farming needs, implement tires aren’t just bigger, wider, and heavier, they often have to cover more distance on the road at higher speeds. While the load of the implement is generally specified by the manufacturer of the equipment, it often doesn’t take into account the additional weight from an aftermarket tank, sideboards or extra attachments that add weight to the implement.

Be sure to weigh the implement BEFORE choosing the right tire. Make sure the tire is rated for the load you are putting on it. Traction road usage and surface considerations also factor into your purchase.

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Tractor & Ag tire suppliers since 1938, Ken Jones Inc. has an experienced staff that is dedicated to providing farm equipment owners with information and advice when the time comes to purchase new farm tractor tires. Not only do we provide sound information and advice, we have an extensive inventory available and in stock in our own warehouse. We carry some of the best brands in the agricultural arena including Titan & Goodyear, BKT, Carlisle, Deestone and Armour. A huge inventory with good, better and best options is what we strive to offer our customers. This helps us to make it easier for you when buying farm tires. Sorting through the various types of tires can be quite puzzling for people who don’t know about them already. Fortunately they can be broken down into a few basic categories.

How to Choose the Right Tire

There are a few very important factors to consider you before you buy. The most important things you need to know are:

Other factors to consider

  • Expected time of ownership
  • Hours of use/year
  • Type of use
  • Age of tractor
  • Soil type
  • Tillage practices
  • Distance & frequency of road use
  • Pavement vs. gravel surface use
  • Cost

Watch the video to learn how to choose the right farm tractor tire


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