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Lawn Mower Tires & Garden Tires

Lawn Mower Tires

Lawn mower tires, lawn tractor tires, zero turn mower tires, garden tractor, turf tires, and other landscaping tires

Lawn mower tires and lawn tractor tires are a unique niche in the specialty tire industry. It is important to first understand the equipment these tires are used on, the applications and demands for use and most importantly the proper fitment for these machines. Ken Jones has been considered the “go-to experts” in the lawn and garden industry since 1938.

Mowers for commercial, residential, and golf course equipment have many different options when it comes to tire replacement. A wide variety of tread designs, ply ratings and quality can make it confusing when trying to choose the right mower tire. Additionally, you will find these tires on pressure washers, broadcast spreaders, ditching machines, and all types of mowing and groundskeeping equipment.

Check out our lawn mower & lawn tractor tread design guide to help you choose.

How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower Tires

Top Lawn Mower Tire Brands




Cheng Shin






OTR Wheel Engineering


Some of our most popular lawn mower tire product reviews

Carlisle Turf Master

Carlisle Turf Saver

Carlisle Multi Trac C/S

Goodyear Soft Trac Turf Tire


“We Make it EASY to BUY Hard to Find Lawn Mower Tires!”

As a third generation, family owned and operated distributor of farm, lawn & garden, construction and other off road tires, our phones are answered by experts with over 100 years of experience. We know the equipment, we understand your applications, and that makes us the best source when you are searching for replacement tires. Unlike other online sellers, we welcome your phone calls and questions! Our expert knowledge of both residential and commercial mowing and greens keeping equipment will help you make the right selection for your individual needs.

Best brands, best selection and best product support

Offering customers options is a priority for us. Unlike other companies who may offer only one or two brands in stock, we like to offer our customers choices- such as “good, better and best” options. We stock the full line of the best brands in the lawn and garden industry, such as Carlisle, Titan, BKT, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Galaxy, Deestone, OTR, Kenda and more.

Ken Jones prides themselves in offering expert advice, a huge inventory, exceptional customer service/support, and fast shipping anywhere in the Unites States. Call 1-800-225-9513 to speak with experienced lawn & garden tire experts.

Mower Tires & Lawn Tractor Tires For Home Owners & Landscaping Pros

Lawn mower tires, lawn tractor tires and garden tractor tires are just one segment of the specialty tire industry, but it is certainly an area that Ken Jones Tires is extremely passionate about. We focus on catering to the golf course industry, homeowners as well as the commercial landscaping industry. We understand the importance of choosing the right mower tires for your walk-behind, zero turn mower or lawn tractor.

Taking the confusion out of buying online

Choosing the right tire can be confusing and somewhat hard to understand due to the fact that lawn & garden tires are manufactured with a large array of tread designs, ply ratings, sizes and grades of quality. To make it even more confusing…these tires are found on pressure washers and broadcast spreaders, mowing machinery and riding tractors, ditching machines and snow throwers….and everything in between ! But don’t worry, our expert and knowledgable staff can answer the questions you have, help solve most problems and supply you with a quality proven product. In our enormous inventory you will find a wide selection of riding mower tires, lawn tires, landscaping tires and even special lug tread tires designed for a large variety of applications. Here is a brief breakdown to help you with your search:

Sawtooth Tires & Stud

Commonly used on go garts, hand trucks, generators, garden carts, pressure washers and a variety of landscaping equipment.

Turf Tires

Many mower tires and lawn tractor tires are manufactured with a tread design known as a “turf tread”. Turf tread tires are versatile tires that offer traction while minimizing turf damage. Some good examples of this type of tire is the Carlisle Turf Saver and the very popular Carlisle Turf Master.

Straight Rib & Smooth

Lawn tires designed for mower applications where traction is not a priority. These tires offer the least amount of turf disturbance as well as providing excellent flotation. Wheelbarrow tires are also included in this group.

Lug Traction

Offer an AG type bar tread for supreme traction. Designed to dig deep and come on tillers, trenchers, digging machines, garden tractors and some heavy duty brush mowers. The Carlisle Tru Power Lug is a premium lug tire.

Special Traction

Primarily designed as snow blower tires and snow thrower tires. Can also be found on brush mowers or other utility equipment where a high degree of traction is useful.

Ken Jones Tires has thousands of lawn and garden tires in stock and ready for immediate shipment across the United States.

We Make it EASY to BUY lawn mower tires and lawn tractor tires online!

Popular Lawn Mower Tires