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Tread Design Guide Helps to Take the Confusion out of Buying Lawn Mower & Lawn Tractor Tires

In previous blog posts we have tried to give some helpful tips for choosing the right tires for your mower or lawn tractor. We always start with the most basic information you need:

Factors for Choosing Lawn Mower & Tractor Tires

  1. Size
  2. Ply Rating
  3. Application
  4. Environment- Terrain
  5. Tread Design

Brands and Tread Styles Affect Size and Function

Recently we wrote about the many differences between mower tire brands and how the same size tire from brand to brand can vary greatly, and even within the same brand, tread designs may alter height and width measurements.

Tread design is one of the most important factors when choosing a replacement tire, and with so many different styles available, it can be very confusing and even more difficult to compare when shopping online.

Tread Design Guide for lawn mower tires from kenjones.com

Our New Tread Design Guide

We created a new Lawn Mower & Lawn Tractor Tread Design Guide to help you understand the different tread styles and which applications they are generally used for.

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