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New Mower Tire and Wheel Assemblies (Mower Deck and Rear Mower) Available for Dual Velkes, Ferris, Snapper, John Deere, Toro and Grasshopper, Walker, Jacobsen and More

Ken Jones is excited to announce many new tire & wheel assemblies for many leading mower brands. The new line up includes both pneumatic and flat-proof commercial mower tire and wheel assemblies- primarily for mower decks but also includes some new Rear Exmark mower tire and wheel assemblies.

We have sold around 15 different size and bearing variations of flat-free mower deck tire & wheel assemblies to customers across the US for over 15 years. These new sizes are ones we get calls from customers looking for fitments for their mowers all the time and were just not available before. Usually this is due to a different wheel hub length and/or bearing.

After searching for quality products to fit this need, we are happy to announce we now we have a much better selection of sizes, hub length and bearing combinations for the majority of leading mowers. With our custom flat proofing foam, we are able to offer both pneumatic and flat free versions in many of the sizes. These custom foam filled tire & wheel assemblies save time, money and headaches!
Infographic of how to measure a tire & wheel assembly

Before Purchasing- Please Measure!

Even though we have given OEM (Original Manufacturer Equipment) part numbers and UPC codes in some cases, PLEASE REMEMBER: *OEM part numbers are for reference only- it is very important to compare wheel & bearing specs(specifications given in Details/Description Section) to your tire assembly.

Watch the instructional video for how to measure your hub length and bearing size

New Mower Deck Additions

New products include fitments for Dual Velkes, Ferris, Snapper, John Deere, Toro and Grasshopper– just to name a few…

New Sizes

New sizes include 410×4, 410×5, 8x300x4, 11x400x4, 11x400x5 and more….

Exmark walk Behind Rear Mower Tire Assemblies

We’ve also added some rear walk-behind tire/wheel assemblies to fit many Exmark models, sizes 16x650x8, 16x750x8 and 20x1000x8.

Check out the complete listing by clicking the link below.

Mower Deck Tire & Wheel Assemblies

We also have New Rear Mower Tire Assemblies in the following sizes:

16x650x8 Exmark Rear Mower Tire & Wheel Assembly

16x750x8 Exmark Rear Mower Tire & Wheel Assembly

20x1000x8 Exmark Rear Mower Tire & Wheel Assembly

photo of a walk behind mower

Flat Free Custom Foam Filled Mower Tire & Wheel Assemblies Also Available!

Custom Foam Filled Flat Free Tire & Wheel Assemblies are also available in the new sizes! Please call for more information or click on the links below to see which sizes are available in flat free tires.

Flat Proof Zero Turn Mower Tires
Flat Proof Walk Behind Mower Tires
Other Types of Flat Proof Mower & Mower Accessory Tires

Any Questions? Our Experts are just a phone call away!

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