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5 Gallon Tire Sealant

ReSeal Liquid Tire Sealant- with the Power of Kevlar®

ReSeal is pumped into the tire through the valve stem and remains liquid for the life of the mounted tire. As the tire rotates, centrifugal force spreads ReSeal evenly over the interior of the tire tread area. ReSeal is an environmentally friendly, lightweight tire sealant from Arnco.

Should a tire be punctured, thousands of strong interlocking ReSeal fibers clot in and around the puncture to prevent any air loss. Click here for our ReSeal Volume Chart

Features & Benefits

  • Reseal Liquid Tire Sealant will protect your tires from punctures up to 1/4″
  • Punctures from nails, thorns, sticks and other small debris won’t create costly downtime any more
  • Ideal off-road tire applications include skid steers, ATV’s & UTV’s, golf carts, mowing equipment, construction equipment & farm machinery
  • The heavy duty Reseal pump is designed specifically for Reseal tire sealant and is recommended with the purchase of Reseal


Installation is easy! Simply deflate the tire, remove the valve core and connect the ReSeal pump to the valve stem. Use the ReSeal Volume Chart to determine how much sealant is needed.

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