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Implement Tires

Rib Implement Tires I-1, Traction Implement I-3, Flotation Rib & Lug Tires

Implement Tires are finally getting the care and attention required from farm equipment operators and owners. This is primarily due to the fact that today’s implements are bigger, wider, and heavier and they are covering more distance at higher speeds. So, tires are being developed with better roading, increased carrying capacity and stubble resistant tread compounds. The farming industry is becoming well aware that selecting the correct tire, as well as tire care, can have a large impact on the operator’s bottom line. As a result, today’s farmers are making a concerted effort to select the correct implement tire as well as emphasizing proper implement tire care, especially when it comes down to operating with the correct air pressure.
Implement & Ag Tires are our specialty! Choosing the right farm tires is particularly important in this niche. Proper sizing, tread design, and load capacity considerations can make the difference to your bottom line. We know the equipment, we understand your applications, and that makes us the best source when you are searching for replacement tires for all of your equipment such as tractors, implements, wagons and manure spreaders.

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Offering customers options is a priority for us. We stock the full line of the best brands in the farm industry, such as Titan, Goodyear, BKT, Firestone, Bridgestone and more. We like to offer “good, better, and best” options when ever possible. While some companies may offer you only one or two brands, or just what they have in stock, Ken Jones will search their nationwide network to help help you find the right product.

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Proper Inflation for Implement Tires

Regularly checking the air pressure of implement tires is the best way to ensure their longevity. Underinflation can cause the tire to wear rapidly and unevenly in the shoulder area of the tire. Overinflation leads to increased wear in the center of the tread. Underinflated tires tire can lead to cracking while overinflated implement tires are more susceptible to impact breaks.

Implement Tire Selection Is Key To Productivity

At Ken Jones Tires we feel that there a few factors that should be considered before purchasing new implement tires. These factors include speed rating, load capacity, tread design and radial vs. bias.

Speed rating

Speed rating is important nowadays because it’s becoming more common for larger implements such as balers to be towed to the fields behind a pickup truck. In a situation like this it is extremely important to use a highway-rated implement tire that is rated for speeds above 25 miles per hour.

Load capacity

Load capacity is a crucial factor when it comes to implement tires. Generally, farm implement tires are specified by the equipment manufacturer to carry the load of the implement, but often the owner may have added extra attachments, aftermarket holding tanks, higher sideboards etc… As a result you need to make sure your tires are rated to carry the entire load of the implement including all the extra fixtures and accessories.

Tread design

Tread design has become more of a factor in recent years. Traditionally, implement tire have been manufactured with a shallow straight rib design. But as tractors are becoming more powerful, many farmers are becoming more concerned about traction, especially in wet soil conditions. In muddy conditions it may be worthwhile to consider traction implement tires which have a lugged tread design similar to a rear tractor tire.

Bis vs. Radial

When choosing between bias vs. radial tires, price is usually the deciding factor. Thus bias is the predominant choice, but radials do have more benefits. Radials will have a longer lifespan because they have a stronger carcass and are less susceptible to wear and damage. Furthermore, they can carry the same weight at a lower inflation pressure. This results in more flotation and less soil compaction.

Huge Inventory, Fast Shipping and exceptional customer service is why Ken Jones Tires makes it EASY to BUY Implement Tires online.!

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