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Screw In Tire Studs

Removable Screw in Tire Studs for Tires and Tracks

Screw in tire studs are a perfect solution when you need extra traction and may not have the clearance for tire chains. At Ken Jones Tires we are very familiar with harsh icy and snow conditions that winter brings. Off-Road vehicles such as skid steers, fork trucks, farm tractors, compact tractors, ATV’s and utility vehicles, and various construction machinery all experience traction difficulties on icy surfaces. A quality set of tire chains has long been the solution but not necessarily the best solution for every circumstance. You may have equipment that doesn’t have enough clearance for tire chains. Maybe you just cant find tire chains that will fit your equipment. Or maybe you just prefer not to install or use tire chains. Whatever your particular pain is- MAXIGRIP ICE STUDS are the solution!

ATV Tire Studs

ATV Tire Studs provide extra traction for your ATV/UTV on all types of terrain and conditions. These removable screw in tire studs are great for use on ice, snow or even rocky, muddy terrain.

Screw in Tire Studs are great for rubber tracks too!

Testimonial for stud use with rubber tracks:Dave owns a skid steer with rubber tracks and was having problems maneuvering his machine on hard pack snow and ice. He installed screw-in ice studs on all outer edges of the tracks and on alternate inside tread lugs. he was thrilled.
“Unbelievable. It’s like night and day…like having new tracks on my machine. I am i awe of the difference. Before I had to slow my machine or crawl. Now I can go full speed!”
Dave L.
Hardwick, MA

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