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MaxiGrip Ice Studs

MaxiGrip screw in ice studs are a great alternative when your equipment does not have enough clearance for tire chains or if chains could cause damage to your equipment. They can also be used for extra traction on rubber tracked vehicles. MaxiGrip Tire Studs are durable, easy to install and can be used season after season.

*Requires Installation Tool

Tire Studs for all of your Equipment

MaxiGrip HM-15*

MaxiGrip HM-18*

MaxiGrip HM-25*

MaxiGrip HM-30*

  • smaller tractors
  • mid-sized ATV’s
  • small industrial vehicles


  • small tractors
  • compact loader
  • skid steers
  • fork trucks
  • larger ATV’s
  • mid-sized tractors
  • compact loaders
  • backhoes
  • loaders
  • larger fork trucks
  • loaders
  • backhoes
  • large tractors
  • dumpers
  • heavy machinery

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