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Babac Diamond

Babac Diamond Skidder & Forestry Tire Chains are CUSTOM ORDER

Please call 1-800-225-9513 to place an order.

BABAC’s diamond pattern stud chains offer aggressive traction on ice and rock. They produce constant traction and have the best wear characteristics of any chain in the world.The unique U-Form® studs, available in both standard and rough cuts, provide superior traction as compared to studs welded on top of chain links which lay over when in contact with the ground. U-Form studs stay upright due to their unique design.

Rough Cut stud chains are manufactured identical to the standard Diamond pattern tire chain production, the only difference being the studs. Whereas the standard U-Form stud has finished smooth ends, the Rough Cut studs are not smooth. Steel, heat treat, and performance are the same.

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