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Aquiline Talon

Aquiline Talon Tractor Tire Chains

Aquiline Talon Tractor Tire Chains Features & Benefits

  • Studded Aquiline Talon Tractor Tire Chains are second to none when it comes to performance in severe winter conditions with extreme ice and hard compacted snow.
  • With its square pattern cross chain design, Talon studded tire chains provide exceptional stability and prevent the chain from falling down in between the lugs of your tires.
  • The robotically fused double studs provide the ultimate in on-road and off-road traction.
  • Talon Tractor 9mm studded cross chains are manufactured from specially designed alloy steel, case hardened for added durability.
  • All Aquiline Talon Tractor Tire Chains feature hardened steel side chains, heavy duty cross chain hooks and easy to use boomer style side chain fasteners.
Manufactured by: ICC
Model: Aquiline Talon

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