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Tru Grip

Tru Grip Tractor Tire Chains

Tru Grip Tractor Tire Chains Features & Benefits

  • Tru Grip Tractor Tire Chains are designed to prevent the cross chain from dropping between the lugs of your tire by adding an interconnected adjacent cross chain.
  • These chains sit high on the face of the tire and stay on top of the tread lug resulting in superior traction and bite.
  • Ideal for AG/tractor R-1 tires and Industrial R-4 tires with medium to deep tread lugs.
  • Tru Grip tractor tire chains offer superb lateral traction and stability when operating on slopes, side hills and other hilly conditions.
  • The cross chains are case hardened with a wire thickness of 3/8″.
Manufactured by: ICC
Model: Tru Grip

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