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V-Bar Reinforced

V-Bar Reinforced Tractor Tire Chains

V-Bar Reinforced Tractor Tire Chains Features & Benefits

Best Option for Compact Tractor Tire Chains

  • V-BAR Reinforced Tractor Tire Chains provide outstanding traction in severe icing conditions such as ice storms, freezing rain and hard packed snow.
  • This particular tractor tire chain is designed for Ag tires that are commonly found on 4WD compact utility tractors. Currently available in 6 popular small tractor tire sizes.
  • V-Bar Reinforced Tractor Tire Chains are manufactured with steel “V-Bars” that are welded in place along the cross chain.
  • The V-Bar is also described both as a “wear bar” or “reinforced bar” since they extend the life of the tire chain.
  • V-Bar Tractor Tire Chains feature case hardened steel cross chains for long and dependable performance. 2-Link spacing adds the benefit of twice as much traction as well as better handling and stability.
Manufactured by: ICC
Model: V-Bar Reinforced

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