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Predator Single

Predator Single Truck Tire Chains

Predator Single Truck Tire Chains Features & Benefits

  • Predator Single Truck Tire Chains – the new gold standard in truck chains.
  • It all begins with steel! Nickel, chrome and manganese are all essential elements that make Predator Single Truck Tire Chains exceptionally strong and durable.
  • Designed for the most demanding applications, Predator truck tire chains feature and HRC hardness of nearly 61 surface, 41 core, with nearly 10% case hardening depth.
  • Predator tire chains are manufactured with a square edged cross chain. This unique square edge design provides more gripping edges to bite ice and snow than standard twist link chains that have less surface area contact.
  • The performance of Predator square link truck tire chains is unbeatable. This truck tire chain delivers 35% more traction than conventional twist link chains and normally lasts four times longer.
  • Manufactured with 5.6mm or 7mm cross chains depending on the tire size.
  • All Predator single truck tire chains are CAM style for easy tightening and adjusting.
Manufactured by: ICC
Model: Predator Single Truck

Heavy Duty Truck Chains

Super hard Steel

Predator heavy duty truck chains are made of super hard steel: made with nickel, chrome and maganese for maximum strength and durability.

Superior Performance

Unique square link cross chains deliver 35% more traction than twist link chain.

East Tightening

Cam style side chain for easy tightening and boomer end fasteners.
*All Predator Square Link tire chains are easily recognized by their distinct gold chromate colored cross chains.

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