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V-Bar Single

V-Bar Single Truck Tire Chains

V-Bar Single Truck Tire Chains Features & Benefits

  • V-BAR Single Truck Tire Chains are highly recommended for extreme ice conditions and snow packed roads as well as for off-road use.
  • This type of heavy duty truck tire chain is perfect for demanding and extended use applications such as snow plowing and snow removal.
  • These chains are manufactured with steel bars in the shape of a “V” that are welded in place along every link of the cross chain.
  • They are also known as “reinforced bar” or “wear bar” due to the fact that they significantly extend the life of the truck tire chain.
  • Available in light truck, heavy truck, bus or RV tire sizes.
  • Built with rugged case hardened steel cross chains for long life and performance.
  • Single V-Bar reinforced truck tire chains are manufactured in 15/64″, 9/32″ or 5/16″ depending on the actual tire size.
Manufactured by: ICC
Model: V-Bar Single Truck Tire

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