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Diamond Studded

Diamond Studded ATV Tire Chains

Diamond Studded ATV Tire Chains Features & Benefits

  • Diamond Stud ATV Tire Chains allow outdoorsmen to explore the previously unexplorable.
  • Studded atv tire chains are the ideal choice for those back woods explorers and serious off-road riders.
  • Extremely durable and highly aggressive to battle the most demanding traction applications.
  • The diamond pattern design provides superb stability and lateral traction on hills and slopes.
  • Diamond studded atv tire chains sit on top of the tire tread lugs and provide constant contact with the terrain.
  • Two robotically welded studs on every other link provide the ultimate traction in mud, snow, ice or any other slippery surface you may encounter.
KJI Chain
Manufactured by: KJI Chain
Model: Diamond Studded

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