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Tire Tubes for ATV & UTV Tires

ATV and UTV tire tubes are generally used as a first attempt to repair air pressure loss. Because of the tough terrain these tires ride on, rims get banged up causing the tire bead to come off the rim. This means the seal is not air tight. Debris such as rocks, grass, twigs work themselves between the tire bead and the rim, causing the rim to leak air.

Inner tubes can fit up to 4 or more different tire sizes. If you don’t see you size listed, just give us a call!

How to Tell if Air Pressure Loss is due to a Rim Leak

The best way to determine rim leaks is to submerge your tire and wheel in water. Look for any air bubbles rising from the rim. Don’t forget to check both sides of the tire! Sometimes the leaks are so small it is difficult to see or the air bubble will just be one tiny bubble every few seconds.

Remember, as your ATV increases in riding speed, this causes the tire to heat up and expand. This will cause any hole or rim leak to grow larger as well.

More Tips on ATV/UTV Tubes


HELPFUL REMINDER ABOUT TIRE TUBES: Tire tube manufacturers are moving toward only producing RADIAL TIRE TUBES due to the fact that they can be used in both radial and bias tires. Still, some tire tubes are made in both radial and bias construction. Just remember RADIAL TIRE TUBES can be installed in both RADIAL TIRES AND BIAS TIRES, but BIAS TIRE TUBES can only be installed in BIAS TIRES. So, if your tire is of bias construction but a bias tube is not available, don’t hesitate substituting a radial tube. NOTE: A Radial tube is designated with an “R” in the size (ex. 18.4R30).

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