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Severe Service Ag

Severe Service Agricultural Tire Tubes

Severe Service Agricultural Tire Tubes are much heavier duty than a standard tractor tire tube. They cost a little more, but can withstand the demands of more extreme applications. They can be used in both Tube Type and Tubeless Tires. If your tire requires a tube, it will have the letters “TT” after the tire size (“TT” stands for tube type).

Equipment operators will sometimes prefer to use an inner tube in a tubeless tire if they want to add liquid ballast for more traction and stability.

Tire tubes may fit up to 4 or more different tire sizes- if you do not see your tire size listed, just give us a call. We will find the proper fitment for you.

HELPFUL REMINDER ABOUT TIRE TUBES: Tire tube manufacturers are moving toward only producing RADIAL TIRE TUBES due to the fact that they can be used in both radial and bias tires. Still, some tire tubes are made in both radial and bias construction. Just remember RADIAL TIRE TUBES can be installed in both RADIAL TIRES AND BIAS TIRES, but BIAS TIRE TUBES can only be installed in BIAS TIRES. So, if your tire is of bias construction but a bias tube is not available, don’t hesitate substituting a radial tube. NOTE: A Radial tube is designated with an “R” in the size (ex. 18.4R30).

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