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Carlisle A-C-T ATV Tires Features & Benefits

  • Carlisle ACT radial atv tires are one of the best performing all-purpose tires you can buy.
  • The Carlisle ACT is an aggressive tread radial tire designed to perform exceptionally in every type of trail condition that you may venture upon, including the more extreme conditions like mud and snow.
  • This All Conditions Tire is the perfect fit for the new class of big-bore ATVs and is even the OEM tire choice on Can-AM and Polaris.
  • Radial construction provides superior traction, smoother ride and excellent directional control.
  • Deep self-cleaning open tread.
  • Radial All-Conditions-Tire with super smooth ride and excellent traction.
  • Aggressive 3/4 inch lug with open tread design to promote self-cleaning.
  • Non-highway service.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • The ACTs cleats are tall enough to get you through most any mud holes while the widely spaced tread rows offer ample clean out.

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