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OTR 350 Super Mag

OTR 350 Super Mag RTV & ATV Tires

OTR 350 Super Mag

350 Super Mag Features & Benefits

  • Similar to the OTR 350 Mag Off Road but designed more for use on hard surfaces like pavement / parking lots.
  • RTV and ATV Tire capable of supporting greater load ratings.
  • Non directional tread pattern – allows superb traction and maximum durability
  • Shares the same non directional outer tread pattern as the 350 Mag BUT the inner tread is designed very differently:
  • Designed to reduce rolling resistance and road noise
  • Maximum comfort.
  • More durable due to rubber compounds that are resistant to abrasion.
  • Longer life on hard surfaces such as pavement.
  • Non-highway service.
Manufactured by: OTR
Model: 350 Super Mag
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