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BKT TR 126

BKT TR-126 Tractor Tires

BKT TR 126 Tractor Tires Features & Benefits

  • BKT TR-126 Tractor Tires are constructed to be a durable, dependable and high quality tire for small tractors.
  • Extra deep tread lugs deliver excellent traction in loose or wet soil environments.
  • Currently available in 6×14 and 7×14 tire sizes.
  • Widely used for front tires on 4-wheel drive farm tractors.
  • The open center tread design of the BKT TR 126 assures efficient self-cleaning action for maximum traction.
  • The BKT TR-126 features a long bar/long bar lug pattern that yields excellent traction and pulling power in the field while providing a smooth ride and even wear.
Manufactured by: BKT
Model: TR-126

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