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BKT TR 171

BKT TR-171 Tractor Tires

BKT TR 171 Tractor Tires Features & Benefits

  • BKT TR-171 Tractor Tires provide extra deep tread lugs that are as much as 25% deeper than conventional R-1 tires.
  • Deep tread features outstanding self-cleaning properties and an aggressive bite that is designed for use in paddy fields and wet soil applications.
  • The tread lug configuration helps kick out mud and straw before it can clog.
  • The extra deep tread lugs provide better performance and increased tire life.
  • Manufactured with a natural rubber tread compound that helps resist cuts and tears as well as improves tire wear.
  • BKT TR-171 deep tread tractor tires are becoming increasingly popular with mud bogger enthusiasts as well as the swamp buggy racing arena.
Manufactured by: BKT
Model: TR 171

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