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Deestone D270

Deestone D270 Golf Cart

Deestone D270 Golf Cart Features & Benefits

  • Deestone D270 golf cart tire offers a relatively long tread life at an attractive price.
  • This tire provides a lower cost option for golf course equipment managers when rotating their leased carts. Many leasing companies want at least 50% tread depth when carts are returned.
  • Features a standard sawtooth tread pattern that is approved for use on golf courses nation wide.
  • Produced in the standard 18×850-8 tire size that comes original equipment on most golf carts.
  • Provides a lower cost option when price is a primary factor.
  • Overall the Deestone D270 is a good entry-level golf car tire that provides an economical choice when replacing your golf cart or utility vehicle tires.
Manufactured by: Deestone
Model: D270 Golf Cart

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