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Deestone D837 Rib

Deestone D837 Straight Rib Tires

Deestone D837 Straight Rib Tires Features & Benefits

  • Deestone D837 Straight Rib tires provide a non-aggressive tread design for minimal turf disturbance and easy steering.
  • Often found on free rolling axles such as the front castors on commercial riding mowers and walk behind mowers as well as riding lawn tractors.
  • Often used in place of turf traction tires for the most delicate soil conditions.
  • Deestone D837 are an excellent economical choice for both residential and commercial mowing applications.
  • As well as mowing equipment, straight rib tires are often used as flotation tires for tractor attachments, golf machinery, farm implements and lawn trailers.
Manufactured by: Deestone
Model: D837

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