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BKT Skid Power HD

BKT Skid Power HD Skid Steer Tires

BKT Skid Power HD Skid Steer Tires Features and Benefits:

  • BKT Skid Power HD Skid Steer Tires are durable and designed for both skid steers and other construction vehicles.
  • Extra deep tread provides maximum grip in all surface conditions.
  • Chip and cut resistant tread compound and sidewall protection guards against rick, stubble and curb damage.
  • Extra rubber rim protection against rubbing on curbs and other hard object and prevents foreign material from working it way into the tire bead which could cause extreme air loss or slow leaks.
  • SKID POWER HD is the ideal tire for loose surfaces and heavy-duty service.
Manufactured by: BKT
Model: Skid Power HD

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