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Guard Dog HD

Carlisle Guard Dog HD Features & Benefits:

  • Carlisle Guard Dog HD skid steer tires are categorized as a PREMIUM heavy duty tire.
  • The Carlisle Guard Dog HD’s unique tire design was specifically built for applications where increased traction, increased puncture protection and abrasion resistance are needed.
  • Engineered with premium tread compounds to combat rugged environments.
  • Constructed with an extra deep tread lug for longer wear and durability. The 10×16.5 size features 26/32nds tread depth, while the 12×16.5 size features 28/32nds tread depth.
  • Carlisle Guard Dog HD tires are manufactured with higher play ratings for increased load carrying capacities.
  • Guard Dog HD tires are built with an extra thick heavy sidewall and rim protector to shield against various site hazards.
  • Features a 3-step lug pattern that provides more biting edges and improves self-cleaning.
    The Carlisle Guard Dog HD is one of Ken Jones Tires’ BEST SELLERS!

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