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Ultra Guard

Carlisle Ultra Guard Features & Benefits:

  • Carlisle Ultra Guard tires are categorized as a FULL TRACTION severe service skid steer tire.
  • The rugged design provides outstanding traction and durability in the most punishing applications.
  • Carlisle Ultra Guard skid steer tires are engineered with a premium chip/chunk resistant tread compound to combat abrasive job sites; such as wooded terrain, muddy areas, rock, gravel, demolition and scrap yards.
  • Extra deep 44/32nds tread depth combined with extra thick lugs create aggressive traction and bite.
  • The Carlisle Ultra Guard tire has a massive extra thick sidewall buff bar to protect against cuts and foreign objects.
  • Carlisle Ultra Guard skid steer tires feature a heavier undertread to better resist bruising and blunt impacts.
  • This tire is a monster….the best skid steer tire you can buy!

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