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Galaxy Skid Steer Tires offer operators the largest line-up of skid steer tires in the world! No brand has a broader line of skid steer tires than Galaxy. That means there is a Galaxy Skid Steer Tire for virtually any application, from shattered bedrock to muddy feed bunks. Galaxy has been in the forefront of the skid steer tires business for decades and is now regarded as the pioneer in skid steer tire development and manufacturing. With innovative designs and application specific tread patterns, Galaxy Skid Steer Tires have become the product of choice not only for experienced operators, but for major Original Equipment Manufacturers as well. Galaxy’s reputation is second to none when it comes to quality and durability. They simply last longer and deliver a better return on investment than most skid steer tires on the market.

Purpose-Built Galaxy Skid Steer Tires

Ken Jones Tires stocks the complete line of Galaxy Skid Steer Tires. We strive to provide customers the best selection of skid steer tires available. Ken Jones Tires simply offers more choices. This is exactly what the Galaxy range of tires is all about….more choices! Today’s machine operators are more likely to prefer skid steer tires that are application-specific. Galaxy offers a wide range purpose built skid steer tires with specific tread patterns designed to increase performance on just about any terrain imaginable. Check out the extremely popular Galaxy Hulk L-5 severe service skid steer tires as compared to the turf friendly Galaxy Mighty Mow and you’ll see the vast difference in applications. Please call if you need any help in making the right selection.

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