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Galaxy Hulk L-5

Galaxy Hulk L-5 Features & Benefits:

  • Galaxy Hulk L-5 tires are known to be the superior tire in the dominant line-up of Galaxy skid steer tires.
  • They outperform machine operator expectations and can tackle virtually any climate that can be imagined.
  • Galaxy Hulks are classified as a PREMIUM severe service skid steer tire.
  • Unique tread pattern allows the machine to operate in severe applications while providing excellent self- cleaning characteristics.
  • Features an amazing tread depth of 44/32nds on sizes 10×16.5 and 12×16.5, while size 14×17.5 has an awesome tread depth of 46/32nds.
  • Galaxy Hulk skid steer tires provide a rugged, chip resistant compound that delivers reliable service on rocks and dirt and phenomenal wear on hard surfaces. A perfect tire choice for rock, demolition, gravel, concrete and salvage yards.
    Made with mud breakers that help clear away mud from the tread, and a hefty rim guard & sidewall protector for protection against sharp debris.
  • The Galaxy Hulk L-5 skid steer tire is built to last and priced to deliver a great return on your investment.

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