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Titan Grizz LSW G9A

Titan Grizz LSW G9A Skid Steer Tires

Titan Grizz LSW G9A Skid Steer Tires Features & Benefits

Titan Grizz LSW G9A LSW low profile skid steer tire is designed to reduce bounce and road lope as well as better sway-action recovery, while using 25-30% less urethane than a standard tire.

  • Titan’s innovative premium heavy duty skid steer tire that is setting the new standard for skid steer performance.
  • Features a shorter sidewall that is mounted on a larger wheel that maintains the same outside diameter as standard size tires (10×16.5 or 12×16.5).
  • Provides better handling and enhanced ride. The LSW construction dampens faster than conventional tires on rough terrain, resulting in less bounce and less load spilled from bucket.
  • This tire also has the added benefit of run flat capability. If the LSW G9A is punctured and loses air, the operator can drive the skid steer up to three miles to reach a service point.
  • Outstanding lateral stability. The LSW construction reduces sway during turning or lift applications.
  • This premium tire has all the heavy duty benefits of its partner, the Titan HD2000 II.
Manufactured by: Titan
Model: Grizz LSW G9A

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