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Titan Ultimate

Titan Ultimate Skid Steer Tires

Titan Ultimate Skid Steer Tires Features & Benefits

  • Titan Ultimate Skid Steer Tires are classified as a PREMIUM heavy duty tire specifically designed for EXTENDED SERVICE.
  • Titan’s latest addition to their amazing range of skid steer tires.
  • This awesome tire has the traditional skid steer directional cleat but the lug has up to twice the tread depth of conventional skid steer tires.
  • Extended tire life, extra-long tread wear and excellent traction is what this beast of a tire is all about!
  • Provide superior damage resistance due to its extra heavy duty sidewall and huge rim guard.
  • Low cost per hour delivered by a specialty rubber compound and industry-leading tread depth.
  • The Titan Ultimate is currently available in sizes 10×16.5 and 12×16.5. The 10×16.5 has a tread depth of 42/32nds, and the 12×16.5 has a tread depth of 44/32nds.
  • Made in the USA ! This tire is built to last !
  • Titan
    Manufactured by: Titan
    Model: Ultimate

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