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OTR Litefoot

OTR Litefoot Tires

OTR Litefoot Tires Features & Benefits

  • OTR Litefoot tires are “purpose-built” with an “application specific” tread pattern that enables aerial lift machinery to operate on sensitive turf grounds and sandy environments.
  • Original Equipment option for JLG and Genie high reach lifts.
  • The work environment changes from job to job for aerial equipment. The Litefoot was designed for equipment that must operate on sensitive turf, such as athletic fields and golf courses, and in sandy surroundings like beach areas.
  • The non-directional tread provides optimum traction while minimizing soil disturbance.
  • Provide super flotation characteristics on terrain where sand is most prevalent.
  • Built with a flat profile tire design that results in increased tread wear, longer tire life and increased stability in applications where required.
  • The OTR Litefoot HBR version of the tire is built with a shorter stiff sidewall resulting in less tire deflection and outstanding stability for high reach equipment with a high center of gravity.
OTR Wheel Engineering
Manufactured by: OTR Wheel Engineering
Model: Litefoot

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