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Carlisle Sport Trail LH

Carlisle Sport Trail LH Trailer Tires

Carlisle Sport Trail LH Trailer Tires

Carlisle Sport Trail LH Bias Ply Trailer Tires are considered a leader in the value trailer tire market. Recently redesigned with an innovative, modern tread design it features:

  • reduced rolling resistance
  • improved contour for extended tire life
  • consistent tire wear
  • optimized performance
  • bias ply construction is optimal where rugged performance and sidewall puncture resistance is required
  • commonly used for trailers for construction, utility, agriculture, light marine, light travel, cargo and sports applications
  • wider shoulder provides improved contact under loaded conditions and serves to resist lateral scrubbing
  • offers a smoother ride
  • more consistent wear
  • stability at highway speeds
  • enhanced safety for your towed vehicles
Manufactured by: Carlisle
Model: Sport Trail LH

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