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10×16.5 08 Galaxy Mighty Mow Turf


10×16.5 08 Galaxy Mighty Mow Turf Skid Steer Tires

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10×16.5 8 Ply Galaxy Mighty Mow Turf Skid Steer Tires

10×16.5 Galaxy Mighty Mow Features & Benefits

  • 10×16.5 8 Ply Galaxy Mighty Mow tires are specifically engineered to provide super flotation characteristics resulting in a turf friendly tire that will not damage grass.
  • The Mighty Mow is an R-3 designed for machine operators whose primary work function takes place on sensitive turf.
  • Great tire for skid steers and other equipment that are mainly running on lawns, golf courses, sports grounds, parks and cemeteries.
  • This tire provides a shallow tread depth as well as rounded shoulders to help minimize turf disturbance and rutting.
  • Built with a beefy sidewall protector and rim shield to help protect against sharp debris and abrasions.
  • Current skid steer sizes for Galaxy Mighty Mow turf tires are 10×16.5, 12×16.5 and 14×17.5.
  • Works exceptionally well on mowers for lawns, parks, golf courses, sports grounds and cemeteries.

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