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11.2×24 06 Carlisle Farm Specialist R-1


11.2×24 06 Ply Carlisle Farm Specialist R-1


11.2×24 6 Ply Carlisle Farm Specialist R-1 Rear Tractor Tires

11.2×24 6 Ply Carlisle Farm Specialist R-1 Tractor Tires Features & Benefits

  • 11.2×24 6 Ply Carlisle Farm Specialist R-1 tires are general all purpose tractor tires for multiple soil conditions
  • Premium engineering to meet most general farming demands.
  • Built with a unique multi angle long bar tread that delivers optimum traction and lateral stability.
  • Extra reinforced tread lugs provide maximum strength and pulling power in both wet and dry soil conditions.
  • Engineered with overlapping center tread lugs that increase road usage, wear and comfort while also minimizing vehicle vibration.
  • Currently available in a broad range of tubeless sizes.
  • Carlisle Farm Specialist tires are a great agricultural tire choice and will deliver superior traction in demanding field conditions.
Manufactured by: Carlisle
Model: Farm Specialist R-1
Product ID: 570006

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Weight 85 kg