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11.2×24, 12.4×16 Double Ring Tractor Chain (4-Link) -1 Pair


11.2×24, 12.4×16 Double Ring Tractor Chain (4-Link) -1 Pair

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11.2×24, 12.4×16 Double Ring Tractor Tire Chains

Double Ring tire chains are one of the most popular tractor tire chains styles on the market. This chain type is designed with overlapping cross chain rings that are large enough to prevent the cross chain from falling in between the tire’s tread lugs, thus reducing the chains effectiveness. Double Ring chains feature case hardened double welded rings that move freely and rotate, providing excellent self-cleaning action and longer wear. The movement of the rings enables the chain to constantly kick off snow, ice and mud. Each individual ring in the cross chain is 2 1/2 inches tall with a wire thickness of 5/16″. Two rings are stacked and then connected to two more stacked rings and so on.

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