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11.2×24 08 Alliance FarmPRO 324 R-1 (Tube Type)


11.2×24 08 Alliance Farm Pro 324 R-1 (Tube Type)


11.2×24 8 Ply Alliance FarmPRO 324 Rear Tractor Tires R-1 (Tube Type)

*This tire requires the use of a NEW tube

The 11.2×24 8 Ply FarmPRO 324 is a Bias R-1 rear tractor tire from Alliance (ATG).

FarmPRO 324 Features & Benefits:

  • The FarmPRO 324 features a modern curved 45 degree design for both on and off road

  • Provides superior traction during field operations.

  • Rubber compound provides high resistance to cut growth.

  • The wide nose bar helps in delivering extra life on hard surfaces.

Additional information

Weight 68 kg