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12×16.5 10 BKT Jumbo Trax HD (44/32nds) (X-Wall)


12×16.5 10 BKT Jumbo Trax HD (44/32nds) (X-WALL)

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12×16.5 10 Ply BKT Jumbo Trax HD Skid Steer Tires (44/32nds) (X-WALL)

12×16.5 10 Ply BKT Jumbo Trax HD Features & Benefits

  • 12×16.5 10 Ply BKT Jumbo Trax HD skid steer tires are categorized as a PREMIUM heavy duty tire designed for extended wear on HARD SURFACES.
  • Newly designed skid steer tire specifically designed for rapid wear environments such as concrete, paved roads, tarmac, asphalt and other hard surfaces.
    Constructed with an extra deep tread for durability and longer wear….38/42nds tread depth on tire size 10×16.5 and 44/32nds on tire size 12×16.5.
  • Larger and more rugged tread blocks provide outstanding stability and longer tread life.
    BKT Jumbo Trax skid steer tires are built with an extra-thick sidewall protector and rim guard for protection against abrasive objects and debris.
  • The BKT Jumbo Trax is manufactured with a cut, chunk, tear and abrasion resistance high quality rubber compound.
  • Higher ply ratings compared to standard skid steer tires.
  • The BKT Jumbo Trax is one of Ken Jones Tires’ BEST SELLERS!
Manufactured by: BKT
Model: Jumbo Trax HD
Product ID: 7-591

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Weight 93 kg

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