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12×16.5 12 BKT Power Trax HD (42/32nds) (X-Wall)


12×16.5 12 BKT Power Trax HD (42/32nds) (X-Wall)

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12×16.5 12 Ply BKT Power Trax HD Skid Steer Tires (42/32nds) (X-Wall)

Power Trax HD Features & Benefits:

  • BKT Power Trax HD skid steer tires are categorized as a PREMIUM heavy duty tire designed for extended wear on HARD SURFACES.
  • Specifically designed for rapid wear environments such as concrete, paved roads, tarmac, asphalt and other hard surfaces.
  • Features a block pattern tread
  • Constructed with an extra deep tread for durability and longer wear.
  • Larger and more rugged tread blocks provide outstanding stability and longer tread life.
  • Built with an extra-thick sidewall protector and rim guard for protection against abrasive objects and debris.
  • Manufactured with a cut, chunk, tear and abrasion resistance high quality rubber compound.
  • Higher ply ratings compared to standard skid steer tires.
  • Ideal for scrap yards, recycling operations, mining applications

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