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14×17.5 14 Carlisle Ultra Guard LVT (X-Wall)


14×17.5 14 Carlisle Ultra Guard LVT (X-Wall)

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14×17.5 14 Ply Carlisle Ultra Guard LVT Extreme Service Skid Steer Tires (X-Wall)


Carlisle Ultra Guard LVT Features & Benefits

  • Carlisle Ultra Guard LVT Skid Steer Tires are extreme service skid steer tires for agricultural and construction applications.
  • Feature two wide pattern blocks for increased tread wear and longer life.
  • Also features a thicker sidewall rubber gauge for better sidewall protection and a center bar for extended tread-wear.
  • Ultra Guard LVT’s provides improved performance when resistance is needed against abrasive materials such as rocks, concrete or general demolition on the work site.

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Weight 132 kg

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