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16.9×24 08 Titan Industrial Tractor Lug R-4


16.9×24 08 Ply Titan Industrial Tractor Lug R-4 Backhoe Tires


16.9×24 8 Ply Titan Industrial Tractor Lug R-4 Backhoe Tires

Titan Industrial Lug R-4 Tire Features and Benefits:

  • Titan Industrial Tractor Lug Tires are the long standing leader in industrial R-4 tires.
  • This tire has extra wide lugs which overlap at the center which provides long wear and strong maneuverability on all surfaces.
  • Extreme heavy duty construction increases durability and damage resistance, saving the operator downtime expense.
  • Designed to resist buckling, tearing and cracking
  • Laterally designed lugs result in even wear
  • Excellent tread wear and roadability
Manufactured by: Titan
Model: Industrial Tractor Lug (R-4)
Product ID: 486845

Additional information

Weight 166.05 kg

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